In a remarkable display of determination and compassion, Bailey Seamer completed (on the 23rd July 2023) an extraordinary feat that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on mental health awareness in Australia. Over the course of 14 months and 8 million steps, Bailey embarked on an arduous trek, walking the entire east coast of Australia, covering an astonishing 5,500km. Her journey began at the southernmost point of Australia in Wilsons Promontory and concluded at the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland.

Images: Bailey standing at the most northern tip of Australia at the conclusion of her epic feat. Image credit goes to Sean Fox

But this journey was not just about personal achievement; it was driven by a greater purpose. Bailey’s ambitious mission was to raise awareness and funds for mental health research and suicide prevention in Australia. The trek served as a fundraiser for the esteemed Black Dog Institute, which is dedicated to supporting mental health research and providing crucial services to those in need.

Motivated by her own battle with Bipolar disorder, Bailey saw this epic hike as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals who suffer from mental health issues. With 1 in 5 Australians facing mental health challenges each year, the need for support, education, and advocacy in this area has never been more critical.

Image: Bailey on her journey, taken from 'Wandering Minds Walk' instagram
Image: Bailey on her journey, taken from ‘Wandering Minds Walk’ instagram

Throughout her journey, Bailey not only persevered through physical challenges but also took it upon herself to explore and advocate for mental health support resources available along the east coast. Her aim was to combat stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding mental health and encourage people to access the help they need without stigma or judgment.

Thanks to Bailey’s unwavering determination and the overwhelming support of individuals and communities along the way, she managed to raise a whopping $80k (and counting). This significant contribution to the Black Dog Institute will undoubtedly bolster their research efforts and support services, creating a positive ripple effect in the realm of mental health.

Image credit: Sean Fox, Wandering Minds Walk
Image credit: Sean Fox, Wandering Minds Walk

Bailey’s dream of creating a more accepting and supportive society for mental health struggles has taken a giant leap forward through this incredible journey. As she stands on the iconic rock platform at the northern tip of Australia, she can proudly say that her mission to make a difference in the mental health space has been accomplished.

One step at a time, Bailey’s remarkable trek has brought hope, awareness, and support to countless individuals battling mental health issues. Her determination and passion serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that together, we can build a brighter future for mental health in Australia, where understanding, acceptance, and compassionate care prevail.

Woo! Go Bailey!

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