Hazel Findlay and Sea to Sumit


For years, female athletes in the outdoor industry have been making compromises when it comes to their gear—settling for climbing clothes with poor fit, skis that can’t hack it at elite level and sleeping bags that are too narrow, too long and way too uncomfortable. But the rise of women in outdoor sports like climbing and mountain biking have led to a greater demand for technical gear that’s specifically tailored to women’s physiology.

Enter Sea to Summit’s new Women’s Specific Sleep systems—a huge range of women’s mats and bags that are narrower in the shoulder, wider at the hip and packed full of extra insulation where women typically lose heat. It might sound like small changes to some, but for anyone who’s had a sleepless night in the outdoors, these design details can make all the difference. And a good night’s sleep can make all the difference when it comes to performance.

‘If you spend a night cold or uncomfortable then you don’t climb well the next day,’ said world champion rock climber and Sea to Summit ambassador, Hazel Findlay. ‘You need to wake up feeling refreshed. More designers need to do their research on how women differ from men to support female athletes.’

On top of these sought-after modifications, this 11-piece range of mats and sleeping bags has all the same technologies of the company’s updated 2019 unisex range—including lightweight fabrics, award-winning technologies like Air Sprung Cells™ and new patents like the Free-Flow Zip™ System and PillowLock™. And they can be paired with Sea to Summit’s popular lightweight pillows and liners to make up a complete sleep system.

The big reveal of the new women’s range has already made an impact at international outdoor shows in Germany and the US and now the systems are receiving kudos from high level athletes and other outdoor users alike. It’s great to see brands like Sea to Summit pushing this movement forward.

Join us at the 2019 Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour to check out the new range and maybe win yourself some Sea to Summit kit.

Images of Hazel Findlay thanks to Jonny Baker