jewellery that doesn't harm the environment


We are now in the midst of Plastic Free July, a growing global movement to raise awareness of the issues associated with single-use disposable plastic happening each July. Plastic waste is a serious problem which we can’t ignore. Each week across the world we use over 10 billion disposable plastic bags and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish!! yup you did read that right! Its shocking isn’t it! Its these types of facts that drove me last year to launch a new vision for my brand Spindrift Collections, aimed at driving positive change.

It’s my vision to empower our customers to embrace an active and conscious lifestyle, whilst building a personal connection to the natural world. Encouraging our followers to step up and take action, by collecting, recycling and diverting disposable litter every day and being mindful of their own lifestyle choices.

If we at Spindrift Collections could inspire our customers and followers to divert or avoid using just 3 pieces of disposable litter a day, for example avoiding a disposable water bottle, taking a keep cup for your daily coffee and refusing a plastic bag at the supermarket, that’s equates to over 1000 pieces per person every year! So over the last year we have been encouraging our customers and followers to adopt our W.I.L.D.S philosophy, centred on a personal commitment to respect, protect and honour our wild and beautiful natural landscapes.

WEAR your commitment to protecting and respecting the natural world.

INSPIRE others to enjoy the outdoors and start conversations

LOOK for alternatives in your lifestyle such reusable water bottles.

DIVERT litter from the the wilds by collecting and recycling every day.

SIMPLIFY your lifestyle, be mindful of your choices and consumption.

I LOVE spending time in the great outdoors, hiking, paddle boarding, windsurfing and enjoying my own personal connection to nature. I adore watching the smile on my baby son’s face as he explores the wilds and comes hiking with me. I have always been so saddened by the amount of litter that is on the beach, in the ocean and throughout the natural world, so I wanted to do something about it. To make an impact beyond that of owning an environmentally conscious jewellery brand. I want our pieces to become a reminder for the wearer to do their part at every opportunity, as together, I believe that we can make a difference.

Respect for the environment and a commitment to conscious sustainable practices are central to the Spindrift way of working and each piece of jewellery is created utilising materials that are sustainable, recycled or recyclable. Each piece of Spindrift Collections jewellery captures this personal connection to the natural world and is designed to tell your story. The Spindrift Collections brand is evolving every year and making developments to strive towards our goal of being as thoughtful and sustainable in business as is possible. At Spindrift we are a proud member of 1% for the Planet and donate 1% of annual sales to environmental conservation causes. 1% for the Planet is an amazing global organisation launched in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia and Craig Mathews. 1% for the Plnet is leading a network of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals working together for a healthy planet.

At Spindrift Collections we create unique beautiful jewellery, for the dreamers, adventurers and barefoot wanderers, using authentic, sea smoothed beach glass and recycled sterling silver. Our designs are inspired by the ever changing beauty of the oceans, natural landscapes and by a wild sense of wanderlust for places yet to explore. It is these beautiful landscapes that we are working hard to protect.

So I would like to invites you to join us in our Spindrift W.I.L.D.S philosophy, choosing connection, adventure and to honour and protect our beautiful natural world.