women in BMX bike riding

“I love challenging myself physically and mentally in all sports and whatever life throws at me. I’m addicted to adrenaline and anything with two wheels. Female empowerment, progression of sport, French Bulldogs, marketing and media is my passion.”

Caroline Buchanan is a woman on a mission and we can’t get enough of her! The 27 year old’s sweeping domination of the BMX scene is the hard-earned result of a fierce work ethic, an unbridled passion for adrenaline and a glaring disregard for societal expectations. Her ambitious streak runs deep and wide, leading her onto the path of success and spearheading new breakthroughs. We recently caught up with Caroline to discuss her hopes, dreams and overall gutsy attitude.

With both her father and brother involved in the BMX scene, it didn’t take Caroline very long before she too was hooked on the rush. She was immediately thrown in the deep end. She says “racing with the boys initially as a 12 year old girl toughened me up. Being a female in a male dominated world of BMX and Mountain bike racing and I truly believe it has set me up for the world we live in, for handling business and being strong through any of life’s adversities.” Her passion for extreme sports flourished alongside her desire to render the latter more accessible to women, and in 2013, she launched Buchanan Next Gen, a program that seeks to support young women in fraying their path in sports.

Being able to turn professional sports into a career can be an incredibly demanding endeavour. As she began to encounter success out on the BMX tracks, Caroline quickly realised the value of branding herself to attract sponsorships and corporate support. She explains that marketing herself is a huge part of her job as an athlete and something she takes very seriously. She says “Being an athlete is just part of my world these days. I represent my country, a number of multinational brands, my own junior development team and all the elements that make up Caroline Buchanan as a brand. The reality is that I am performing at a world standard both on and off the bike. I have built and maintained a network of people I trust to help me with everything from painting my nails to developing a long term marketing and financial plan for my brand.” Her approachability, talent and good-nature have helped her garner traction and impressive media coverage both televised and online. She regularly snippets of her life via social media, offering insight into the life of an elite athlete.

Caroline’s talent as a cyclist and BMX athlete speaks for itself; three-time BMX World Champion in 2012, 2013 and 2016, two-time Olympian, five-time mountain bike World Champion to name just a few of her accomplishments. But what really makes Caroline so successful is her fearless pursuit of what she wants. She didn’t wait for the sport to make space for her, she marched in guns blazing and took what she deserved. She says “I’m not afraid to set goals way off into the future and at a level that others would see as impossible. I can see and dream a result, a goal or an outcome and I work backwards from that utilising the energy the end result will give me to plan my attack. There is very little in my world that isn’t planned out well in advance. Even the most far flung ideas are kept on the back burner waiting for the right opportunity to unleash them. Ambition is not something I can control, it just is, its deep within me, I always strive to better myself  – physically, emotionally, economically, statistically and just as a person.”

What’s most impressive about Caroline is her unfettered drive to do exactly what she wants, and her grace in doing so; whether it’s tearing through the mud, taking part in fashion shoots, or addressing corporate crowds, she does everything with purpose and passion. She says: “I don’t feel limited by what other people or the masses think is possible. I feel I don’t just think outside the box – there is no box to limit me! I know I can achieve my goals and even if I don’t do it on the very first try, I can adjust my approach and come at them stronger and better prepared.” In a world that tries very hard to tell women how to act, Caroline is an incredible and empowering example of strength independence.

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