Carina Edlinger: Overcoming Barriers and Conquering the Slopes

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We are so stoked we got to interview the incomparable Carina Edlinger all the way in Austria for this epic article

In a world where barriers and limitations often define us, there are individuals like Carina Edlinger who embody the spirit of resilience and determination. Hailing from a small village near Salzburg, Austria, Carina’s journey in skiing has been nothing short of extraordinary. Let’s delve into her inspiring story, marked by triumphs, challenges, and an unwavering belief in herself.

A Journey Begins: Carina Edlinger, a 24-year-old sport journalism student, has a passion for challenging people’s perspectives and breaking down barriers. Growing up next to a skiing track, Carina’s initial introduction to the sport did not ignite her motivation. However, her competitive nature emerged, pushing her to improve despite early setbacks. Fueled by her ambition and an unyielding work ethic, Carina turned her lack of natural talent into a catalyst for success.

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While trophies and medals hold their own significance, Carina cherishes the entire journey, especially the people she has met along the way. As an athlete, the ultimate dream came true when she won the Paralympic Gold Medal. Representing her country on such a grand stage was an immense honour. However, the road to success was not without its obstacles.

Triumph Over Adversity: Carina’s journey to the Paralympic Games in Pyeong Chang was riddled with challenges. Despite being the favourite to win, she faced resistance from her own country. A few days before the flight, an official who held a personal grudge against Carina attempted to prevent her from competing. Moreover, she endured trauma and immense pain just weeks before the Games. Despite these hardships, Carina’s determination never wavered. Her victory in the face of adversity was a testament to her resilience and unwavering spirit.

The Power to Persevere: When asked what keeps her going, Carina reflected on the many tough moments she has faced throughout her life. From battling eating disorders, tumors, and depression to experiencing trauma and thoughts of suicide, Carina realised that it’s okay not to be okay for a while. However, she also recognised that life goes on and it’s crucial to find ways to fight through the darkness. Her guide dog, Riley, became a source of stability and played a vital role in her journey towards healing.

Carina and her guide dog for international Guide Dog Day Image credit: @christmais @gepapictures

Future Aspirations: Fresh from an adventurous month-long van trip through Ireland and the UK, Carina now looks forward to finding an exciting project in film, media, or communication. With her sights set on the upcoming Biathlon World Championship in Canada, she aspires to become a world champion and continue pushing her limits in the world of skiing.

Beyond skiing, Carina’s passions extend to travel, exploring new countries and cultures, filmmaking, and spending quality time with her beloved dog. Additionally, her experience in therapy reignited her passion for tailoring, providing her with a newfound creative outlet.

During challenging times, Carina remains steadfast in her beliefs. She recognises that she is the only one who can truly make herself proud. Carina emphasises the importance of standing up for one’s opinions and decisions, regardless of external pressures. She firmly believes that as long as you have faith in yourself, no amount of money or negative influences can hinder your path.

Bucket List Dreams: Carina has two heartfelt desires on her bucket list. First, she aspires to obtain a driver’s licence, which is linked to improving her vision. Secondly, she yearns to live a happy and fulfilling life, embodying the essence of joy and contentment.

Carina Edlinger’s journey serves as a remarkable example of the human spirit’s indomitable nature. Despite facing numerous obstacles, she emerged victorious, driven by her passion, unwavering determination, and an unshakeable belief in herself. Carina’s story reminds us that even in the darkest of times, resilience and self-belief can light the way, leading to triumphs that defy all odds.

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