Alexa Fay’s first films make the Banff final cut 

Image- taken from Alexa’s personal image pool. 

Alexa Fay is one of the most promising upcoming filmmakers from Montreal, Canada. With just three films to her name, two of them have already made it to the big screen for the latest Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival (BCMFF). That’s epic!

So let’s dive into who Alexa Fay is, what makes her tick and we’ll also take a look at her incredible films that you won’t want to miss seeing at the Radical Reels Tour of Australia this October.

Because, let’s face it- there’s no doubt, you’re about to see a lot more of this talented woman’s work.

Born and raised in Montreal Canada, Alexa currently lives just outside of the historic city. Though Alexa is evidently killing it in the filmmaking world, (her work is incredible and she’s only just begun), years ago it was her goal to be a lawyer. Fay describes her discovery of passion for the film industry to be somewhat of a ‘fluke’. 

Alexa’s sister knew two filmmakers who had asked for her help to babysit their child whilst directing a film (their nanny quit on them at the last minute). However, when her sister was unable to assist, it was Alexa who was asked to step in. The opportunity to make easy money was welcomed warmly and the job accepted.

One thing led to another and soon Alexa was asked to help out on set, which meant staying additional time and being fully immersed in the film world.

After just two days in the role, Alexa phoned her mum and said “this is what I’m going to do for the rest of my life”. 

Image: ‘Alexa in action’- taken from Fay’s personal image pool 

Fay’s start to the film industry was a humble, yet important one. Beginning as a production assistant, she was in charge of the craft tent, bringing coffee and food to everyone on set. When Alexa returned to Montreal after her epiphany experience, she didn’t think she would go to University, however applied and was accepted to her program. Yet, this didn’t alter her drive to follow her filmmaking dreams and between the internships and a part time video production job, Alexa developed herself as a technically proficient production coordinator and researcher.

“I have always had an interest in storytelling and was immediately drawn to film, finding my earliest work opportunities in editing and pre-production. Not feeling creatively satisfied, I left the film industry, moved to England, discovered rock climbing, became instantly hooked and started a career in photography and marketing with a focus on climbing”, explained Fay to the team at the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival. 

Image: One of Alexa’s favourite hobbies- Rock climbing. Image taken from Alexa’s personal image pool

Since moving back to Canada in 2020 with a solid team around her and experience with action sports content, she was ready to come back into the film industry in a more creative, directional role.

The results of this enthusiasm, drive and skill lead to 2 of her films ‘EM’ and ‘Always Higher’ being selected for the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour.  Both films feature in the Radical Reels Tour 2022 which you can watch online now at Adventure Reels TV HERE