Samantha Gash speaks about adventure sports at the Adventurous Spirit speaker program


Ever wonder why we are so drawn in droves to these epic short films ?…. what is it about watching these Gutsy Girls do such overwhelmingly adrenalin pumping, often near impossible, adventurous acts that brings us back time and time again? Is it possible that there is a little piece inside of us that feels like even just a side order of their courage, their commitment and their heart, may just be enough to take us from where we are to where we want to be and we want to get our hands on it?

Each and every one of these women inspire us, and ignite something inside of us that triggers a state, that for a few minutes has us dreaming about possibility again. For some of us it is something that we tap in to on a daily basis in our own lives, for some of us it we access it every now and again, perhaps when we are surrounded by some friends braver than us, and for some of us it is pretty quiet…albeit that we know it is in there somewhere.

What if you could go that one step further than watching an awesome film, what if you could hear from some of the most inspiring and Adventurous girls (and guys) face to face, live,  up close and personal and really delve into their souls to get insights and tools for what it takes to lead a more adventurous life and how to link your passion to your purpose… At the Adventurous Spirit speaker series presented by by The Adventurous Life Project, we are giving you the chance to meet not one but six kick-arse individuals who will share with you their journeys, their challenges and their strategies on how to bridge the gap from thinking about it and doing it, both in adventure…and life in general!

Our line up includes the incredibly inspirational Samantha Gash. We cannot wait to get her in front of you, you are going to love her. Recently back from Bali with her young baby boy Harry, where she was ambassador for the Bali Hope Ultramarathon she is fired up and ready to deliver. Sam is the world’s first female and youngest person to complete Racing the Planet’s Four Deserts Grand Slam in one calendar year…can you even imagine thinking you could, let alone making it happen?! She has run over 10,000km’s across EVERY continent on the planet and raised $292,000 for charity. She is a champion of women’s empowerment, access to education and social change, using her platform to bring awareness to the plight of many through charities such as World Vision, Save the Children and The Royal Flying Doctors Service. Sam’s journey started like so many of us..not knowing or simply wondering, then came inspiration, then came an idea, a plan (or not!) and then came the first step.

If you do one thing to fire up your adventurous spirit this year make it to buy a ticket to the inaugural Adventurous Spirit speaker event. Don’t miss out.