6 LAST MINUTE YET THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEAS (that don’t require shipping)

6 LAST MINUTE YET THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEAS (that don't require shipping or a trip to the mall) We get it.  You’d rather spend your summer days outdoors and not shopping for Christmas gifts and you’ve only just realised you’ve missed the online shipping deadline. Eeek!! Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!!! [...]


MEET MONIQUE FARMER: HEART OF ‘WOMEN WANT ADVENTURE’ Few can say that they've hitchhiked on a million dollar yacht after trekking through New Zealand's stunning Bay of Islands.  Monique Farmer can.  When she and a mate embarked on a two day hike one New Year's Eve, uncharacteristically hot weather spoiled all [...]

EMBRACE YOUR INNER BEGINNER: adventure sport for beginners

Have you ever dreamt of tackling an outdoor activity like rock climbing or trail running, only to quickly conjure up a long list of reasons why you couldn't? "I could never run an ultramarathon - I'm way too unfit!" "I'm too old to start canyoning!" "I'd love to kayak but I just don't have the time!" "Skiing seems like fun but it's [...]